Why you should have your interior painting completed now

Living in a seasonal state or area such as the Pacific Northwest and Central Oregon have the wonders of wintertime to enjoy that come with the change of seasons here. 


With this winter season and the holidays filling our schedules, it is a time of relaxation, reflection and quality time to be had with our loved ones and families. 


With this time, it is also the perfect time to hire your painting contractor. Having your interior painting completed will bring life and character to your special place you call home. 


Whether you are contemplating for walls, ceilings, trim, doors, cabinet refinishing or even a full interior repainting project, winter time is the perfect season to undertake these tasks. 


A good friend and mentor to the painting industry: Nick Slavik, once said as contractors, we have 2 seasons.. busy and extremely busy.


Right now we are in the busy season, and although the workflow is consistent it’s manageable. When spring and exterior season arrive, the call volume substantially increases as that beautiful sunshine spurs everyone into action.


It’s a reminder as we see the transition of seasons to homeowners of that much needed color update, peeling paint on hard to reach areas or even addressing that gray or tired looking deck or fence. 


As a seasoned contractor and painter with almost 2 decades of experience, my recommendation is to not wait to get your next interior project completed. Take advantage of the “manageable season” to schedule your next interior project, ultimately freeing your time and checklist of tasks to complete once spring arrives. 


See you next project,