Contactless Payments

We understand how busy life can get, whether it’s running errands, work, or just anything else life throws at you which makes coordinating and scheduling a challenge to plan in advance.

That is why Three Rivers recently implemented an invoice payment platform into our business which allows our clients from anywhere at anytime to access an invoice via email or text and pay by credit or debit card instantly.

Of course Three Rivers Painting accepts multiple forms of payment, what we’ve found over the last year is the convenience of sending out invoices in the touch of a button for ourselves and clients has been a time saver for everyone and more convenient.

Additionally, consider the benefits of cash back or flyer miles that may benefit you or your business by using a credit or debit card for the services Three Rivers Painting provides for you or your business.

So the next time you are planning a vacation and would like to schedule the painters to complete the exterior or interior of your home, stress no more and trust Three Rivers Painting to finish a quality job for your return. We will take care of the work and send you an invoice to pay when you’re able, even if you’re on a beach in Mexico.

We hope this helps!

Until next time,


Owner, Three Rivers Painting