What type paint should I use for my house painting project?

When choosing the paint for your next painting project whether interior or exterior it is important to use quality paints in combination with the right application methods and preparation.

Applying quality paints in the right application method with necessary preparation work is the key to longevity ensuring you have a quality and long lasting paint job.

  • What are some of the paints Three Rivers Painting uses?

We use numerous quality paint brands such as the following but not limited to:

Sherwin Williams
Benjamin Moore

Each of these brands of paint are available to us in our service location of La Pine and surrounding areas of Central Oregon.

For each brand, often times there are grades of quality of paint (from a value based approach vs tier 1 highest quality paints)

We offer pricing and packages that include tier 1 highest quality paints such as Benjamin Moore Aura or Sherwin Williams Emerald paint for interior and exterior painting.

Along with offering these packages, we offer our highest warranty when clients choose tier 1 quality paints for their projects.

There are numerous lines of paints and stains for each manufacturer listed above and the tier 1 quality paints named above are one of many.

  • What happens if I use low quality paint for my project or supply the paint as a homeowner?

Three Rivers Painting cannot offer a warranty on the work provided with paint supplied by the homeowner for many reasons.

One in particular is low quality paints often times do not have the same coverage ability or viscosity required to sufficiently cover a surface in 2 coat applications. Often times, cheap paint can be watery which means more labor for applications and potentially a messy cleanup with paint splatter or drips.

Another reason is the unknown on storage or age of paint. Paints stored incorrectly with temperatures can ruin the paint and cause uneven appearance during application in addition to not effectively protecting its surface vs a properly stored paint with correct temperature before, during and after applications.

We hope this helps, and happy painting!

Scott -

Owner of Three Rivers Painting